MDR's NEW Automated Behavioral Health Assessment Platform - Improves Patient Outcomes and Quality of Life

MDR's mission has always been focused on  "Making a Difference" in the lives and organizations of the colleagues and Partners whom we serve. MDR™ is pleased to continue this mission with the announcement of a strategic partnership to offer an innovative Automated Behavioral Health Assessment Platform to physician practices and other healthcare organizations. Solution provides a computerized assessment platform that can be customized for the integration of behavioral health into physical medicine practice.

MDR™ has already seen the impact of integrating behavioral health into physical medicine practice:  

Pain Practitioner's Testimonial --
"Thank you, and you saved a patient life today.  He was suicidal because of his pain and your screening test caught it.  I was able to intervene for him.  Thank you for your assistance!  He (The patient) was very grateful, and he has been battling with depression for the last five years.  He said that it was one of the best questionnaires he had ever taken!!"

The Behavioral Health Assessment Platform includes over 30 behavioral health scales to assist physician practices in understanding the patient's ‘MINDSET’ as it relates to their ailments or medical state. Available assessments include depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, drug and alcohol dependency, opioid risk, suicidality, diabetic conditions, and cardiac conditions, which completes the performance-based outcomes expected by patients and payors.

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