MDR™ Announces New Fully Integrated Clinical Risk Management Platform

Platform delivers an integrated solution that will easily allow healthcare practitioners (HCPs) to provide the annual wellness visit (AWV) and automated chronic care management (CCM) to patients with minimal impact on workflow and resources. With this fully integrated solution, providers will be eligible for $125 to $200 of reimbursement for the AWV and $500 per year of CCM reimbursements.

The initial and follow-up wellness visits springboard into CCM visits for patients with two or more chronic conditions. Patients can be enrolled and consented into the CCM program immediately after receiving their Annual Wellness Visit.


  • Enhances quality of care and better management of patient population
  • Provides prospective data; provides predictive analysis, supported by evidenced based protocols
  • Identifies hidden risks with “invisible population” that are often overlooked (no claims/historical data)
  • Promotes HCC Risk Adjustment codes for physicians, Medicare Advantage Plans; enhancing revenues
  • Identifies Preventive Services based on wellness data for follow up and increased reimbursements
  • Provides data for clinical measures required for MACRA (ACO, MIPS, APM, HEDIS, STARS)
  • Gathers data from various practices and clinics within 10-minutes with 99% accuracy
  • Gives organizations centralized population health management system for care management teams
  • Provides a way to pay for care coordinators which are mission critical for success
  • Optimizes patient participation in Annual Wellness Visits (85%+)
  • Reduces staff time and cost with self-administered AWV assessment
  • Increases attribution by creating face-to- face encounters for inactive patients
  • Improves compliance for the prescribed care plan
  • Supports routine & complex care management guidelines (full compliance & support documentation)
  • Provides automatic feedback and reporting allowing for early interventions and reduced costs
  • Simplifies Medicare reimbursement process
  • Drives improved patient satisfaction by extending the reach and services of the practice


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