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MDR™ Announces Strategic Partnership to Market Innovative Pharmacy Services Administration (PSA) Solution

Truth & Integrity — Displacing the Traditional Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) Model

MDR™ announces a strategic partnership with the first of a new-class-of-trade Pharmacy Services Administrator (PSA) helping to manage healthcare costs and improve quality of care for businesses and consumers. Until now, there has not been an effective alternative solution to the traditional Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) model.

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MDR™ Announces New Fully Integrated Clinical Risk Management Platform

Platform delivers an integrated solution that will easily allow healthcare practitioners (HCPs) to provide the annual wellness visit (AWV) and automated chronic care management (CCM) to patients with minimal impact on workflow and resources. With this fully integrated solution, providers will be eligible for $125 to $200 of reimbursement for the AWV and $500 per year of CCM reimbursements.

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MDR™ is Pleased to Announce Strategic Partnership to bring Pharmacy Integrity Audits to Hospitals of any size.

Many hospitals struggle with the review and analysis necessary to effectively manage pharmacy wholesaler account utilization, vendor invoices and inventory optimization. The Pharmacy Integrity Audit solution allows for a second set of eyes to identify overcharges, optimization opportunities and results in significant overall drug cost savings.

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Healthcare Reform: Using Rebates to Turn Bills into Cash

How long have we had ATM cards in our pockets to conduct banking transactions all across the globe? Yet, in healthcare we still struggle with the concept of a portable electronic health record? In order to address the financial challenges that healthcare reform is demanding, we must continue to look outside the industry and bring in solutions that will help us improve margin without affecting people, equipment or programs.

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