MDR™ Launches NEW Partnership to offer Best Practices™ Compliance Risk Mitigation & Revenue Enhancement Solution

Knowing that  compliance is an extremely important topic for hospitals and systems, MDR™ has launched a new partnership to offer an innovative and robust Best Practices™ Data Analytics Solution empowered by sophisticated analytics and amazing visual display that proactively identifies coding risks (and unrealized revenue opportunities), mitigating unnecessary risk exposure from HHS, CMS, MAC, RAC , FBI; and insurance  audit penalties (REVEAL/md™ -Driven by Audit Genius)


With over 50 risk indicators crafted from the industry’s leading experts and audit entities, REVEAL/md™ goes far beyond generic utilization comparisons. Audit Genius™ performs sophisticated outlier testing so you know exactly who is at risk and why - without having to sift through all your data.  


Simply put, it is the smarter, simpler way to analyze prospective and current physicians’ practices.


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