Latest Study Shows 51% of Primary Care Physicians Aren't Aware of Chronic Care Reimbursement

Physicians Lack the Time and Tools to Discover Hidden Risks in Patients with Chronic Conditions, Finds Study from Quest Diagnostics

According to a new report published by Quest Diagnostics, most primary care physicians report being unable to adequately address the needs of patients with multiple chronic conditions, with 85 percent stating a lack of time is the key factor. 

The report not only shows the lack of time being a major barrier, but 51% are also unaware Medicare will reimburse them for services that help keep tabs on those patients between doctor visits. 

Additional Key Findings:

  • Physicians are too time-constrained to probe for complex care needs
  • Patients may not recognize or share all health-related factors
  • Physicians feel more office visits are needed to manage care
  • Medication non-adherence is a top threat to care management
  • Physicians and patients value chronic care management, but barriers exist to its adoption

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